How to Create Docker Container That Just Runs (forever) | Docker image

Docker Apr 5, 2022

This one is great for testing and debugging in case you're not sure which "docker-entrypoint" command you will be using in the end.

Lets's create simple Dockerfile:

# U can use whatever image
FROM alpine

RUN apk add nano


RUN ["chmod", "+x", "/"]

CMD ["sh","-c","/" ]

In the same folder lets create (or call it however you want as long as it matches CMD - command above in Dockerfile):


# Run if there is nothing to do :)
while true; do sleep 9999; done
docker build -t just_run . 

For quick test you could run one-liner like this:

docker run -d --name your-container-name just_run

Or you could put it in a docker-compose.yml ...


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